MEG@McGill Comprehensive Training

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Day 1: Full-day MEG/EEG imaging crash course

  • Full program [april2017_final_program.pdf] (73.8 KB)
  • The physiological origins of scalp signals: Sylvain Baillet, PhD, Professor, Director of MEG Research, McConnell Brain Imaging Centre [Download Slides PDF] (7.6 MB)
  • Basic signal extraction: ERP/ERFs, Jeremy Moreau, PhD Student, neuroSPEED Lab. [SLIDES]
  • Spectral analysis, Peter Donhauser, PhD Student, neuroSPEED Lab [Download Slides PDF] (3.9 MB)
  • Source imaging 101: Christophe Grova, PhD, Assistant Professor, Physics Dpt, and PERFORM centre, Concordia University
  • The Functional and Effective Connectivity Toolkit for MEG Scientists: Sylvain Baillet [Download slides PDF] (14.4 MB)
  • Applications of MEG and MSI in the presurgical evaluation for intractable paediatric epilepsy: Jeremy Moreau, PhD Student, neuroSPEED Lab

Day 2-5

  • Day 2: Hands-on practical paradigm design: design your pilot study in small groups
  • Day 3: Hands-on data collection: collect your own data
  • Day 4: Hands-on analysis of collected data using Brainstorm (including software training)
  • Day 5: Advanced data analysis continues and group presentations: what have we learned?