Howto Forward/Redirect Emails

Say you want to forward your BIC email to other accounts out there. Here’s the recipe:

  • Create a file at the top of your BIC home directory, ~/.forward with permissions rw-,---,--- (ie use the command chmod 600 ~/.forward ).
  • If your username is jane , then the forward file should be located in /home/bic/jane/.forward . NOTE THE DOT IN THE FILENAME.

The mail server will refuse to use a ~/.forward if it is write-enabled by others than you — a security feature.

  • With you favorite editor (nano, pico, gedit, vi, etc….) insert the email addresses that you want to forward to, either one by line:

or, all on one line with addresses delimited by commas ‘,’ like,,

  • You can also simply use the command echo > ~/.forward . Beware: this will clobber any pre-existing ~/.forward .
  • If you preprend a forwarded address with a backslash “\” no further forwarding is done, ie the email is delivered locally. Useful to avoid mail loops…
  • You can also use procmail , a program to process emails (see man procmailrc and man procmailex for examples). The syntax is more complicated but allows to do complex tasks. Note that your ~/.forward will be disregarded if you create a ~/.procmailrc file with procmail recipes in it.
  • An example of a procmail recipe that does the same as the above ~/.forward :