How To Login To A Workstation Using X2GO

Use x2go with the following parameters while changing (under the Session tab) imogen to the name of the workstation that you want to connect to and luser to your BIC username:

Login: luser
SSH port: 22
Use Proxy server for SSH connection (select this option)

Proxy server
Same login as on X2Go Server (select this option)
Same password as on X2Go Server (select this option)
Port: 22
Session type: XFCE

You can also select MATE or LXDE for the Session type … and you’re set to go.

  • In the connection tab, set the compression method to 4k-png. This will give you the best bang for your bandwidth. Avoid using high-quality compression (such as 16m-jpeg, which is the default) if you have limited bandwidth as your mileage will vary depending on your upload speed. Note that 16m (in 16m-jpeg) represents the number of colours supported. Another important note is that jpeg is lossy, while png and rgb are lossless compression methods… so avoid the lossy methods when doing clinical image evaluations… 4k compression is good enough for text but you will need 16m for image or video visualisation.

  • please read the following about desktop environment compatibility: