Getting your MEG data

With a few exceptions (mainly for the Baillet lab), newly acquired MEG data is now shared with users through box.bic. McGill users can log in with their McGill email and password. Note that some users have aliases for their McGill email, but they must use their “base” email to log in. Once a user has logged in once, they can request access (to Marc) and the appropriate folder will be shared with them in box.bic, provided the PI agrees (e.g. they are cc’d on the access request or the user is the one collecting the data). Folders are named by PI last name, same as user names on the MEG acquisition computer.

Data is still converted to the BIDS standard automatically. If any files are not part of the standard or fail to convert properly, they will still be copied with their original name under the date folder (yyyymmdd).

Important: Data will still be deleted from this new location without notification about 2 months after collection. It is highly recommended to always download and verify data within a few days, at most a few weeks.

For transferring large files (such as MEG data), it is not necessarily recommended to use the web interface. You can instead use one of the methods described here, or look at the ownCloud manual for other options. For Linux computers managed by the BIC admins, a convenient script can help you set this up. Please contact the BIC admins if you encounter an issue with this script or mounting box.bic.

This is unfortunately slower than the previous method, but it is more secure.

Please let us know if you have any issues.