Welcome to forum.BIC

The BIC forum can be used by any member of the MNI community to engage in discussion, and to seek out community-curated resources. Each lab has a private section where posts are visible only to their members (to request yours contact @tstrau or the ? icon above-right ). The software powering this site combines the best features of a listserv, web forum, blog, and wiki. A lot of valuable information gets buried in email threads; this forum helps to break out of these silos and circulate knowledge more effectively.

###Have a look around

  • Click to open any topic on the forum, read the message and scroll down to read other user replies. If you appreciate the message, click the :thumbsup: icon at the bottom of each post. Click reply to contribute something.
  • To add a new topic, click “New Topic”, give the post a title or subject line, select the most appropriate category, then write your message. Links can be added and file attachments can be dragged directly into the message.
  • The main subject areas so far are:

###Live support

In the upper-right corner is a “?” icon. This opens a chat window for live support.

###Public and private categories

The forum topics are grouped into categories. There are public and private categories. If you have been granted access to a private category, e.g. ‘NeuroSPEED lab’, it will show a lock icon. If you do not have access to a private category, it will be invisible to you. Any user can request the creation of new category, public or private.

###Staying in the loop

This forum will send an email every couple days with a digest of the most recent and active topics. If a user replies to you, or @tags you in a post, the forum will send an email to notify you. These settings can be adjusted in the user preferences (click the circle in the upper-right corner, then the gear icon to open preferences).