Using box.bic to access files on BIC servers

I think @tstrau mentioned we can use the owncloud interface at to access and share files that are already on the BIC servers. What do I have to do, so that I could access e.g. my files on /home/bic/ or /meg/meg1/ ?


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Hi @pdonha you should have in the box a folder called NeuroSPEED home which is the lab’s shared directory.
This folder has 1TB of storage, so if you move your files into that folder it won’t count against the quota it shows you (50mb). If you need to have both the web interface and shell access to the files, that’s a bit more complicated to organize. Do you need that?

Following up on a couple questions:

Q: Can the box.BIC desktop sync app use a local folder, e.g. /export02, as it’s root?
A: Yes

Q: Can the box.BIC desktop sync app granularly select which folders to sync or not sync?
A: Yes it can. You can select /NeuroSPEED home/users/Peter/ for syncing and exclude everything else.

Next step, getting the sync app installed for Ubuntu machines.

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I’m syncing some big folders to the Box.Bic which is working well. I’m currently having trouble cutting and pasting them using the web interface into another folder, actually cutting works but pasting gives me an error. Any suggestions @tstrau?

Sorry for the delay @ekutsa.
I can look into this next week.

hi @ekutsa the files clipboard feature on box.BIC has been upgraded.
Can you test it out again, and let me know if it’s working for you?