Update on 3T MRI

Dear all,

I am happy to announce that we can now open the 3T schedule starting Tuesday
April 18
, until the end of April (Judy will begin taking reservations
today). The system will be ramped down for 4-5 days in early May for
extension of the quench pipes in Molson Stadium (exact dates to be
announced). After the quench system work is completed there should be no
further interruptions.

Anticipating that each study protocol may require adaptation before
resuming systematic data collection, we will allow up to two hours of
scanning at the ‘pilot’ rate (half of normal cost) applicable to every
study (taken to mean a specific IRB-approved protocol). This allowance
will be available until the end of July, at which point the usual policies
will take effect (pilot scanning rates only available for new protocols).

Note that we are finalizing installation of multiband EPI and MP2RAGE
sequences, and these may not be available until the middle of next week.
The majority of ‘standard’ sequences are now functioning, but you should
verify with MR team if you have particular needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the MR team if you
have questions. I will be giving an information session on the upgrade
this coming Tuesday (last Monday’s talk was rescheduled due to a room

I would like to thank the MR team and all of our users for their patience
and efforts to work around our upgrade schedule, and invite everyone to
explore the new capabilities of our 64-channel Prisma 3T.