The Future of MINC - An open discussion - March 29, 12-1pm

Following up on the recent BIC Working Group Meeting (minutes), you are invited to join us for the upcoming Brainstorming Session on “The Future of MINC”, which will be held Thursday, March 29th, 12-1pm in the de Grandpré Communications Centre. This first session is only to gather information on the current use of MINC by the BIC community and brainstorm on its future. Please, do participate and say what you would like and why.

For a good primer on MINC, see this Vincent et al. (2016) at

Meeting: The Future of MINC
When: March 29, 12-1pm
Where: Grandpré Communications Centre

Thank you

Ted, JB, & Aki

Note: The following BIC open forum will take place: April 25, 12-1pm.