Stimulus computer upgrades

Please be aware that I installed better (but still old) parts in the stimulus/realtime computer: SSDs and graphics card. It makes it a lot more responsive than before.

I also changed the speakers that had a bad audio connector.

Due to the new drives, the Intel RAID driver was causing problems waking up the computer. I’ve changed the drivers and hopefully it’s ok now. Please let me know if you experience any trouble. In case the computer freezes or doesn’t wake up, turn it off completely (hold the power button 5 seconds) to fully reset the hardware before turning it on again.

Important: The address of the parallel port has changed. It is now 0x3000. This needs to be updated in all tasks on the stimulus computer that send event markers to the MEG. Note that the Presentation software uses the port name (LPT1) so it automatically updated the address.

Also, while the computer seems stable now, it doesn’t properly enter sleep mode. So I recommend shutting it down completely when not in use. In any case, use the power button to wake it up.