Singularity/docker version compatibility

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I’m trying to run the following software:

When I try to use Docker (docker pull --disable-content-trust khanlab/hippunfold:latest), the download nearly completes before a root disk space warning appears, and this error is returned:

write /var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob543256007: no space left on device

Using singularity instead (either via singularity pull or singularity build`), it returns many warnings like this:

WARNING: Warning handling tar header: Can't create 'root/...`

And calls to this singularity image don’t work (I believe the ENTRYPOINT command which exists in the container’s /root cannot be found). I believe this is described here:
My understanding is that later version of singularity have resolved this issue, so perhaps this could be updated? (Plus this involves many security fixes, so it might be prudent to update singularity anyway)

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I’ve tried to run this a few different ways, but can’t seem to change my docker download location to somewhere with spare space, or find a combination of singularity flags that will work.