Release #2 of OMEGA: the Open MEG Archive

Dear all:

Announcing another release of OMEGA data volumes.

OMEGA (Open MEG Archive) is a fast-growing, free and open data-sharing resource for MEG. It contains resting-state MEG, various questionnaires and T1 MRI data.

This release adds 82 participants to the repository. In total, OMEGA now contains data from 184 participants, with 255 resting-state MEG records: 150 are healthy controls, 34 are patient volunteers (ADHD, chronic pain, other - please see OMEGA_subject_README.csv in repository).
Detailed updates are in CHANGELOG.txt of the repository.

Access is free: we only collect basic user demographics, to report usage to our funding sources. OMEGA has registered 300 international users so far.
Data can be easily retrieved via a dropbox-like web portal.

If you would like to be associated with the project and contribute data, please contact me.

Next up: OMEGA organized with BIDS (Brain-Imaging Data Structure).