Picture camera replaced

The old camera we use to take pictures of MEG coils on participants was no longer working properly to transfer the pictures to the computer.

I replaced it with one of my old Android mobile phones. It was factory reset, no account, no sim card, and I put it in airplane mode to minimize battery drain and avoid any wireless connection. This way pictures remain on the device only.

To transfer the pictures, it’s the same process as before. Once you connect the USB cable, click on the USB sharing mode button that shows up on the phone, then you can navigate to the files from the computer, in the SessionLog as usual. The pictures are in the folder DCIM/Camera on the phone.

If you encounter issues with it and wanted to use the old camera, it’s stored in the 3rd drawer on the right in the participant preparation area.

The old phone works for now, but note that there’s no way to view the pictures directly on the phone. The gallery app doesn’t work and there’s no installed file app to even see the saved files. So in cases where you need to verify the position of a head coil for example, you’ll need to connect the phone to the computer and view them from there.