No power to MEG gantry & chair movement controller

We have a new issue where the hydrolics control unit in the equipment rooms enters a “failure state”, with an orange light blinking. This shuts down the power to the movement controller, so we can’t move the chair or the MEG. So far, the solution has been to turn off and on again the unit with the big black switch next to the lights. See picture below.

I now believe this is due to low hydrolic fluid so I’ll try to fix it. In the meantime, let me know if the issue gets worse.

Hi @Marc, has this been solved? Just to be conscious about it.

I tried adding hydrolic fluid but it’s still happening, almost every day when the system hasn’t moved in a while. But so far it always works after turning off and on again.

As we are normally the firsts in the morning, I would like to be sure of where the switch is. Is it the black thing next to the green light?

Yes, really big switch that you rotate left for off, then wait 2 seconds for the lights to turn off. Then turn right again. It takes a firm grip to turn it, don’t be afraid.

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Perfect! Thank you so much for the photo. I have never had that problem, but I do have to push the chair sometimes so that it begins to move. I guess that is a different problem.

Please be aware that this problem is getting worse. I had to reset the switch about 5 times during a 2-hour session today.

The good news is that we will likely have a maintenance relatively soon (I’m hoping within a month), which would resolve this and other issues.