New projector screen

I’m happy to say we now have a sturdy floor standing screen for the MEG, which replaces the one that was attached to the MEG helmet. The previous screen was loose and needed to be replaced, but this new one further allows to interchange the screen for 2D or 3D display, and allows mounting an eye tracker.

One down side is that to adjust its height or change it between sitting or supine positions, you need 2 people. Here are some pictures, but please contact me and come by the lab so I can show you how to adjust it.

Some have indicated the image seems to shake more than before, however, it seems to be room vibrations affecting the projector, so not related to changing the screen. Something to keep in mind as walking near the projector shelf might be enough to cause such image shaking.

To adjust the height, we need to loosen (not much) 4 screws with the hex keys that are kept next to the MSR light power supply.

To tilt the screen for supine position, loosen the black plastic knobs on each side. There’s a plastic stopper at about 60 degrees from vertical which works well for supine. Tighten it at that angle.