Matlab Neuroscience Workshop @ BIC - Sept 28, 9:30-6:30

###Announcing the BIC’s Matlab Neuroscience Workshop
Thurs Sept 28, 2017 09:30am-06:30pm.
de Grandpré auditorium, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University

Neuroscientists at all scales, from the cellular to the cognitive and behavioral, are facing increased computational demands. Join us for an overview of how today’s MATLAB can ease these challenges, with specific tools for machine learning, parallel computing, research collaborations, and more. We will also take a deeper dive into how MATLAB tools can be used to scale your applications with parallel and distributed computing and to tackle problems with Big Data. A more detailed program will follow shortly.

• Jerry Brusher, Education Technical Marketing
• Vijay Iyer, Neuroscience Community Liaison
• Sergio Obando, Application Engineer

Registration to the event is free but mandatory:

We will also feature a demo of, a fast-growing startup company founded by McGill alumni: The specific strengths of plotly are in (1) making visual data exploration and analysis more open and collaborative, and (2) making it easy to publish dynamic figures online and for use in print publications. See tutorial:

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Sylvain Baillet, PhD

The event has been sold-out in a few hours.
If you wish to attend, please come at the door in case there are empty seats.