Install PV drivers for Windows Xen Guest virtual machine

Windows guest VMs installed on a Xen virtualization platform need to have the Paravirtualization aware (PV) drivers installed from

A Xen Windows guest that has no PV drivers installed will show a list of devices that are missing drivers under the Windows Device Manager:

The driver files have to be downloaded and extracted from their .tar files. The drivers should be available from:

We have to install each one of the drivers. We can start for example with the driver from the first directory until we reach the last one.

Since the majority of available Windows operating systems are 64-bit, we should install the files from the x64 directory of each driver.

To install the driver simply execute the “dpinst.exe” file and follow the wizard until it finishes.

The “xenvbd” driver will ask for the system to be restarted, we can select “No” since we’ll restart the system manually after all the drivers are installed.

Once the last driver has been installed, restart the system manually. Once the system is back online verify again on Windows Device Manager. There should be no devices missing their driver.