How to use the BIC's private Docker registry

The BIC provides a private (local) Docker Registry that researchers and students can access. This Docker Registry lets you store and distribute Docker images.

The BIC Docker Registry is available at:

Log in to the Docker Registry:

Before performing any action with the registry you’ll have to log in:

$ docker login

You’ll have to provide your McGill email and password as login credentials.

Publishing to the Docker Registry:

You can push to the registry any Docker image that you have created.

Push the image to the registry:

$ docker push

Pulling an image from the Docker Registry:

Use the following command to pull the image from the registry:

$ docker pull

Docker will download the image and return you to the prompt.

Listing images from the Docker Registry:

In order to list the existing images in the registry you can open a browser with the following URL:

Also you can use curl via command line (this will require you to provide your McGill username and password).

curl -ntlm -u -X GET