How to use CYGWIN

Cygwin gives die-hard Windows users a Linux environment on their PCs so that they can login to the BIC and edit files, run batch jobs, etc.

  • Install Cygwin from See Dale’s page on installation tips (
  • Install the X server so that the BIC programs may open X windows on your desktop. ‘’This will be slow if you want to run something like Display, but tolerable to run something like emacs.
  • You may find the shell’s default font size too small. To get a bigger font:% You may want to poke around in =/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts= and experiment some more. run xterm *-fn 10x20* -sl 1000 -sb -rightbar -ms red -fg green -bg black -e /usr/bin/bash -l
  • To use ssh to connect to the BIC (at least with Windows XP SP 2 and Cygwin 1.5.4)
    • Go to your Cygwin root directory and copy /etc/defaults/etc/ssh_config= to =/etc

    • In ssh_config, make sure you have the following 2 lines:

      ForwardAgent Yes
      ForwardX11 Yes