How to retrieve / download PET (HRRT) data

Once you have logged on to, use the find_hrrt command and provide a string to help identify your data or pipe “|” the results to the grep command, as in:

find_hrrt DODPET

find_hrrt | grep -i dodpet

Once you have identified the data, use a secure ftp client to download the data.

Note that the privilege to search for these PET data is predicated on your membership to the hrrt group - this is shown/confirmed by the id or groups commands.

Data Access Policies, September 2022

• In order to gain access to the requested data, you must be the rightful owner, a close collaborator or research staff with rightful access.
• Your claims are recorded and by enacting such claims, you acknowledge responsibility for ensuring the appropriate use of these data.
• You also agree to comply with all applicable federal and provincial laws for the use of such data, along with McGill’s Confidential Data Policy,
described in section 5.1 of