How to get started using BIC's GPUs in the image processing queue?

How can users get started using the BIC’s new GPU processors in their image pipelines?

Using the SGE batch system with the queue gpu.q:

qsub -q gpu.q

I’ve used Theano for training artificial neural networks on this machine, if anyone has more specific questions. There’s also some documentation here:

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The link above for the tutorial doesn’t appear to respond at times, but the following should/might work:

Otherwise I asked ChatGPT ( The following question:

Give me a plan to learn about theano and deep learning.

I’ll spare you the answer as it was quite long and elaborate, not exactly what is needed here, but then I asked the following:

Do you know of any online tutorials regarding theano and deep learning ?

  1. Theano documentation: The official Theano documentation is a great resource for learning about the library. It includes tutorials, examples, and API documentation.

  2. Deep Learning with Theano: This is a free online book that provides an introduction to deep learning with Theano. It covers the basics of neural networks and how to implement them using Theano.

  3. Udemy courses: Udemy offers several courses on deep learning with Theano, including “Deep Learning with Theano and TensorFlow” and “Theano: A Comprehensive Tutorial.”

  4. Coursera courses: Coursera also offers several courses on deep learning with Theano, including “Deep Learning” and “Neural Networks and Deep Learning.”

  5. TensorFlow and Theano tutorials by Brandon Rohrer: Brandon Rohrer has created several YouTube tutorials on deep learning with TensorFlow and Theano. They cover a range of topics, from basics to advanced techniques.

  6. Kaggle tutorials: Kaggle offers several tutorials on deep learning using Theano. They cover a range of topics, from image classification to natural language processing.