How to debug cshrc

Debugging .cshrc

  1. Move your .cshrc so bad edits won’t ruin things: mv /.cshrc ./test_cshrc
  2. Edit ./test_cshrc until you think it is correct (don’t log out until you’re certain it works!)
  3. Open a new terminal and SSH into any system
  4. Give your terminal the settings in your test_cshrc: source ./test_cshrc
  5. Repeat 2 to 4
  6. Once you think you have it:
  • While keeping a couple of terminals open for safety: cp ./test_cshrc .cshrc
  • Confirm there are no errors by SSH’ing into any system
  1. While still keeping a couple of terminals open, confirm your .cshrc works by trying to login via an X window system on a different computer

You should not need to add ‘standard’ systems paths

  1. If you mess with your PATH, you should know what you are doing!
  2. It is Better to set special variables and PATH during the session that requires them (e.g.: adding /home/bob/bin only when running Bob’s program)
  3. If what you need is not in the standard path and you think it should be ContactSysadmins