How to create Deb packages

How To Create .deb packages for BIC Debian Boxes

This is the patented Jason-ridiculous-package-installation-procedure

Step 1: create list of existing files/dirs in /usr/local/mni

mkepmlist /usr/local/mni/ | ~jason/src/ > old.list

Step 2: install the new software into /usr/local/mni (have to get root to do this)

Step 3: create a list of the now modified /usr/local/mni

mkepmlist /usr/local/mni/ | ~jason/src/ > new.list

Step 4: create a diff of the old and new list

~jason/src/ old.list new.list > diff.list

Step 5: concatenate epm header with diff.list

cat mni-brain-view.epm.header diff.list > mni-brain-view-jpl.list

(Change the name of the header where needed, of course)

Step 6: as root, create deb file

epm --output-dir /tmp/brain-view/ -v -f deb mni-brain-view-jpl


  • Jason has created a useful script HowToCreateDebPackages. There is only one known bug; under certain conditions the directoried preexsisting may not be included.

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