Dear BIC Community, Dear MNI Group Leaders:

I will be stepping down as Director of the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre, when the new director arrives.

We’ve done many things together. Many more remain to be done.

I am very much grateful to the BIC core staff – our techs, RAs, biomed engineers, admin assistants and managers, who make things happen everyday for all of us – for their support, engagement and enthusiasm.

I also owe a lot to Beth Bock, our MEG Systems Manager, who has been instrumental in keeping the MEG Unit and my lab together over the past 4 years. She’s truly the best. Kudos to my other staff and trainees as well, for their resilience.

Good luck, my friends: it’s been a good ride.

Sylvain Baillet, PhD

Professor, Neurology, Neurosurgery & Biomedical Engineering
Acting Director, McConnell Brain Imaging Centre
Montreal Neurological Institute
McGill University