ECG/EOG electrodes

[This is no longer accurate, see next post below.]

I’m happy to say that the disposable electrodes I purchased as a trial a while back have lasted much longer than I initially expected. So we’ll keep using those for our usual EOG/ECG setup. I just added 2 new bundles with the same color code as last time:

  1. white, blue, black
  2. yellow, purple/pink, grey

for ECG/VEOG/HEOG respectively.

Green is always ground.

Sadly, the last batch of disposable electrodes I purchased (same brand) are much worse quality and only lasted a few uses before starting breaking. So I don’t recommend using those anymore. Instead, I made a bundle with others we had which are good quality reusable gold cup electrodes (tarnished but still work fine). They are kept on the left of the electrode rack, with grey connectors.