Does box.BIC provide checksum verification of file transfers?

A question was raised by @sblinder about whether box.BIC file transfers have checksum verification to guarantee that files on the server are identical to those submitted by the user.

I’m providing a few links to information about OwnCloud’s support of this, to be followed up later.

Code signing in ownCloud 9:

OwnCloud plugin:

A new feature has been added to box.BIC for generating checksums

What it does: generates a checksum for any file on box.BIC, using the user’s choice of checksum algorithms. Available algorithms are: MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, CRC32. This value can be compared against the checksum for the original version of the same file. If the two values match, then the file is guaranteed to be identical on both platforms.

To use: Browse box.BIC to find the file of interest. Click the ‘…’ button to open file details. Click the checksum tab in the details section. Choose which algorithm to use for checksum, recommended MD5.