Diffusion Tool Kit bug

Please describe the issue you’re having?

I am starting to run Diffusion Tool Kit on Ariel (Klein Lab) but I get an error message (“Segmentation fault (core dumped)”), am not sure what the problem is, maybe you could help…

Unfortunately this means that you’ve encountered a bug. The program is trying to access a (reserved) memory area it is not suposed to.

I packaged and installed the latest version of the Diffusion_Toolkit (upgraded from 0.6.4 to while TrackVis is still at version 0.6.1.

perhaps this will solve your problem, otherwise you will have to submit a bug report to the authors of the software (see http://www.trackvis.org/)

Message from them. It worked:
"It could be a corrupt settings file. Try deleting this file:

rm ~/.config/Massachusetts\ General\ Hospital/Diffusion\ Toolkit.conf

And then run dtk again."

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