Collector for feedback about the medIT booking system

This thread is used to collect comments and feedback about the MedIT’s new booking application.
Please reply below and describe your suggestion, bug report, or issue.

Link to application:

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Feature requests by Zahoor, Helene:

  1. Add an automatic reminder email sent to the PI approx 1 week before the end of month billing cycle: please log in an enter your FOAPAL payment info.
  2. Show an “I accept the conditions” checkbox during the study creation wizard. It could be a new panel in the process, or part of the billing/finance panel.
  3. The admin should be able to see & review that PIs agreed to the conditions of the booking; this confirmation is necessary in the event of an audit by mcgill internal OR external RQ.

Feature request by @ebock1 and @rbouha2 :

Calendar view for the admin user type.

@helene & @rbouha2 > Special circumstance associated with PET scans:

The cyclotron team needs to have access to the PET equipment calendar, so they can approve the bookings according to their production conditions. Does the current study dependency scheme support this condition?

Feature request: Retrospective booking

Reda: Example: an outside centre requires product from cyclotron at the last minute, must be processed after the fact.

Ted: Is there any mechanism for issuing an extra invoice to cover miscellaneous costs for a last minute study?

Zahoor: technician’s ability to approve after hours bookings that otherwise would require CORE approval. A special case of equipment approval process.

ALL: retroactive back-dating booking is a HIGH priority.

A calendar view for the technician upon login. We should be able to see all equipment and it should size correctly so we can see the full workday.
This isn’t too useful:


We really need to have retroactive bookings.

And a calendar view for the tech and admin users.

Question: if the FOAPAL gets rejected, how does that work in the system???

@ebock1 thanks

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For the Cyclotron, PET and microPET, we should be able to see the three calendars (daily schedule) on the same page for workflow purposes. The current BIC calendar allows us to do that, we shouldn’t lose that with the new system.


Need to be able to retrieve backup documents for services rendered - especially for external billing-this is needed to send to McGill when requesting an invoice.


we should be able to prepare statistical reports-internal vs external revenues, % of internal vs externals scans done, no of scans done on each machine, no. of scans done by researcher, types of scan, etc.


There should be a fast and easy way to see what is available on any given scanner.


Does anyone have the link to the app? I didn’t bookmark it yesterday and now I cannot remember how to access the page.

here it is:

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For our Microscopy Core: we should be able to bill our users the first 30 hrs/lab at the full rate and to apply a discount to the subsequent time.


Hello, here is a few request from my end.

  • The comment section in the user’s booking is a must. The comments ( such as delivery and/or scanning time, protocol specificity, specific request for the researcher, ect.) must be easily viewable from the booking slot on the calendar.
  • A comment section is also required in the tech view as he enters the time to confirm that procedure occurred, to indicate if there was any pertinent information that might affect the billing ( protocol deviation, adverse event, adjustments, booking corrections to be done, ect.).
  • In the tech view , the technician must have a way to nullify the fees if the session din’t occurred for internal reasons such as a tracer production failure or a scanner temporary defect per exemple. A check box “session canceled, no charge” would be a solution.
  • Retrospective bookings and approvals is absolutely necessary.
  • We must have a way to easily make reserved blocks on the calendar that aren’t studies. These blocks will account for special reservation ( I’m thinking of what was agreed with Sylvia and Pedro here) , maintenance , holidays, downtime, tech vacation or just to indicate a condition that is helpful for users to know (ex. no C-11 production, FDG only, ect.)
  • I haven’t figure out how this will be applicable with this new app but we might need to have 2 levels of tech approbation for studies, one from PET and another from Radiochemistry.
  • It would be necessary to have an email sent to the tech or admin whenever a user’s request needs to be approved.
  • We would need to have an Calendar view easy to access, were we could see all the scans of the week, on an equipment, on one page without having to scroll.

I personally din’t got the chance to do some more troubleshooting this week as I wasn’t able to log in as a admin or even as a user so this is all based on the training we had but i’m sure that there will be more to add to this app to make it user friendly an compatible with the BIC PET-Radiochestry workflow and PET users needs.

Reda B.


I was not able to interact with the technician section. I created the MEG as the administrator, then added myself as the tech. Then I created a study and added the MEG and myself as user to the study. Then as a user I made a booking, approved it, but I see nothing from the technician view. Apparently there is supposed to be a list of bookings on the MEG but I just get ‘no data found’. So I cannot comment on the tech section. Did anyone else get the tech section to work?

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Thank you all: I really appreciate your efforts and dedication. I will compile your comments and forward them to MedIT and the Dean. Unfortunately, it does not look like there will be any change to the software before MedIT is done with another project which has taken their priority.
My position is that, unless we’re shown how to enable the features that you describe +other important aspects of billing external vs internal sale, we don’t want to start using a tool that does not meet our needs. Agreed?

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It would be good if we can tell them exactly which features are the must-have ones before we can start using the tool.



  • Integrated handling of external sales: PO # ans $ amount need to be entered at time of booking; tracking of amount remaining on PO, and date of validity.
  • A global calendar view across all cores for staff.
  • A comment box for staff, for each session.
  • A comment box for users, at the time of booking, to enter specific information to be passed to tech staff.
  • Possibility of techs to cancel the session in case of technical trouble.
  • The possibility to enter retro bookings
  • Possibility to mark blocks in calendar as unavailable (eg, for maintenance, no 11C production) or restricted (eg FDG only)
  • email sent to techs when pending requests need to be approved
  • usage reporting tool: prepare statistical reports-internal vs external revenues, % of internal vs externals scans done, no of scans done on each machine, no. of scans done by researcher, types of scan, etc.
  • features to retrieve backup documents for services rendered - especially for external billing-this is needed to send to McGill when requesting an invoice.

Would be nice:

  • Wiring of external sales directly to A/R office

  • Some services may require two levels of approval, e.g. from PET and radiochemistry

  • Discounted rates after first 30 hours of usage (microscopy).

  • Fix bug reported by Beth

Hi Liliana:

To clarify, when 30 hours are used, are those consecutive hours on the microscope? or the total hours used so far?