Brainstorm tutorial question

Hello Brainstorm researchers
The tutorial of Brainstorm is so wonderful! Please allow me to ask another question.
While learned the source reconstruction using the Brainstorm’s matlab code line by line, i found that it’s hard for a beginner.
Because there are no articles to explain the principles of Mathematics.
For example, in the m file
‘bst_inverse_linear_2018.m’, the core code ‘Kernel = Lambda * L’ * (UL * diag(1./(Lambda * SL2 + 1)) * UL’)’;
is so hard for a beginner to understand it, because there are no papers to annotate the mathematical formula.
could you provide me some methods to understand file ‘bst_inverse_linear_2018.m’ ?
Thanks you very much.
Chen Ming

Hi Chen Ming,

Thank you for your question. Please refer to this tutorial page on our website that explains in more details the source reconstruction methods available in Brainstorm:
You will find at the end of this page paper references for each major method implemented in Brainstorm. The one you are refering to is the minimum norm, and the following paper goes into more details about the mathematical formulas behind it:

If you have more questions about Brainstorm, be sure to post them on our very active user forums:

I hope this helps!

Hi Martin,
Thank you for the timely help.
The Brainstorm software provided wonderful tutorials for beginners, while, beautiful yet incomplete, there are not enough mathematical formulas for understanding it’s codes.
Thank you again for the solution ! I will continue to study in depth.