Box.BIC Private Cloud

Box.BIC is a web-based file management system, similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. Box.BIC is an instance of OwnCloud, the leading open source file hosting application.

Share data within your lab group

File sharing unlocks productivity gains. ownCloud makes it easy, flexible and secure, wether your team roam one office floor or different continents.

  • Custom groups
  • Activity stream
  • Comments

Share data with guests and external users

Flash drives and public clouds are a data security threat waiting to happen. With ownCloud you send out password-protected sharing links with expiration dates.

  • Public links
  • File drop for external users
  • Set expiration dates

Break down data and file storage silos

Unlock the full potential of your organization by integrating data storage scattered across departments, devices and even the most archaic systems.

  • Integrate Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon S3
  • WebDAV API

Accessing Box.BIC

Box.BIC is available for all Neuro researchers, staff and students. Create your account just by logging in with your McGill email and password at

How much storage space is available on Box.BIC?

Each lab can lease storage space on the BIC’s server cluster. and connect this storage to Box.BIC. Storage cost is 10$ per 100 GB per year. The cost doubles or triples if you need to add data mirroring or regular backups. See the BIC storage pricing guide here.

How do lab groups collaborate on Box.BIC?

A user group is created for the lab on Box.BIC, with the PI as owner. Lab members are added to the user group, and all share access to the lab’s file collection.