BIC IT Services

We provide various IT services for a fee for principal investigators (PIs) affiliated to the Brain Imaging Center.

PIs usually purchase workstation(s), for themselves and/or students, which is(are) integrated to our network and for which we provide hardware and software maintenance for a fee. The workstation has to be housed within the MNI or the Lyman Duff. It could also be a server located within Burnside Hall Data Center.

If interested, give us a budget envelope and we’ll provide a quotation for review and discussion - the entire process will take roughly a month until completion, i.e. until the system is configured and networked, once the purchase order has been submitted.

Another option would be to lease a virtual machine and some storage - this would also allow access to our Compute grid. We can set this up rather quickly, conditional to resource availability.

If interested, one will find more information on the following URL:

click on “our rates” near the top of the page …