BIC awarded $3.9M Platform Support Grant from Brain Canada Foundation

Dear All:

It is my great pleasure to share with you the news that your favorite brain imaging centre has been awarded a Brain Canada Platform Support Grant of $3.9M. I am thankful to the MNI and the Webster Family Foundation for providing the matching funds that have been key to secure this funding. The PSG grant is to add capacity for data acquisition, management, analytics, dissemination, with an emphasis on open-access and sharing. It will also expand the capacity for all imaging modalities featured at the BIC, and create opportunities for training of staff, highly-qualified personnel and platform users, over the next 3 years.

The first portion of the funds have already been invested in the complete overhaul and expansion of our data storage infrastructure (now 700TB onsite and 750TB in the cloud), the hiring of new key personnel for data management, some aspects of the recent 3T Prisma upgrade in addition to Rick Hoge’s successful CFI JELF, re-investment in small-animal MR imaging, key equipment upgrades for the cyclotron, purchase of MR compatible equipment for animal electrophysiology, among other goodies: these are all meant to benefit the entire BIC user community.

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Sylvain Baillet, PhD
Professor, Montreal Neurological Institute
McGill University