Access to cluster for segmentation tasks

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I would like to use the cluster for my segmentation tasks. Would it be possible to have the permission to use it ?
I’m logged as “abonnet”, and I’m using “Gonzalo” computer.

Your BIC username?


Hostname of your BIC drive


your problem is that gonzalo hasn’t been upgraded (to ubuntu trusty) and you still view the old cluster, which for all intent and purposes is null … in fact you will only see noel64.q and brainweb.q for which you have no access.

You can either login to login.bic or perhaps ursula or latour which have been recently upgraded and you’ll be able to submit to the new cluster (all.q, ipl.q).

Talk to Vlad regarding upgrade - you need to backup /export01/data as it will be wiped out during the process.